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Hello World!

Hello and welcome to my hobby project and -blog, this is the very first entry here. The plan is to have technical and non-technical articles as well, based on my interest and current focus, furthermore it will carry my up-to-date Curriculum Vitae. The ‘About me’ section will be uploaded (hopefully very) soon, but until that, let me introduce myself shortly: I’m Peter, a professional IT guy with support, OS administration (mostly Linux), virtualisation, Big Data and some marketing background and experience. I have had the chance to work with AIX 5L, RedHat Linux, VMware, Cloudera CDH components, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure. Right now I’m interested in Docker and Kubernetes, security and cryptography.
Regarding my hobbies, I like doing different kind of sports. Nowadays I run a few kilometers when my free time allows it, previously I had experience with Krav Maga, MMA, weight-lifting, wall climbing and kempo.

So, let’s kick(start) it off.

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