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Sport-year review, 2022

Usually such posts are created at the end of a year, not in the middle of the next’s January. The reason of this delay is that I had to set up my new tablet-PC, a Microsoft Surface (5 Pro) and configure Git, gpg to sign the commits and Jekyll to pre-check the modifications on the site. I wanted a clear, simple solution. Well, I learnt there’s no such.
Let’s get to the point: the top sport I recorded the most time with in 2022 is running, moved my legs for 125 hours and 55 minutes, accomplished 1304.05 km during that time. I think the hardest run was the Generali Night Run in Budapest where I aimed a 5/km pace, and I finished with a very close result, 5:08/km.
For that many runs I also stretched a lot: 27 hours, 20 minutes and 6 seconds altogether and with that I avoided the injuries. I also spent time doing calisthenics, 16 hours, 17 mins and 37 seconds. Not much, but we had very hot summer and the (dark red) rubber floor burnt my hands, so after a time I gave up going there to do my regular push- and pull-ups.
In ‘22, I (finally) fixed my bike. It got a new color and every failed or damaged part got replaced; 12 hours and 7 minutes were spent in the saddle. Well, it’s clear biking isn’t my main activity (yet).
There were a few hikes, but their amount were insignificant. Summarising, I did sport for 248 hours, 45 minutes and 24 seconds during the 352 activities I recorded with my watches. I wanted to compare this results with 2021, but I bought the Polar Vantage M2 at the end of April, hence the first 5 months aren’t covered in Flow.
Going forward, Christmas brought me a suspension trainer, so I’ll surely have more core trainings in 2023, plus I plan to run around the Lake Velence this spring. That’ll be 30 km, and my longest run so far. Let’s see how this year will end.

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