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Configure fingerprint reader on Ubuntu 22.04

My Dell Latitude 5430 notebook comes equipped with a fingerprint sensor, but unfortunately, the default settings of Ubuntu 22.04 (in my case) do not allow its utilization, even though the lsusb command confirms its presence as a Broadcom Corp. 58200 device.
This issue has been quite bothersome as I repetitively had to type my password whenever I needed to log back in, again and again. And again. Facial recognition doesn’t work, don’t even mention that (yes, I have tried Howdy, my results were very flaky, unreliable).
Yesterday I dedicated a few hours to find a solution for enabling biometric authentication and I succeeded. Here is what I did:
sudo apt install fprintd libpam-fprintd
sudo apt install ./libfprint-2-tod1-broadcom_5.12.018-0ubuntu1~22.04.01_amd64.deb
sudo pam-auth-update

Here go down to Fingerprint authentication, hit a space and then a TAB to jump on OK and hit Enter. Now open the Settings –> Users, hit the Unlock button in the top right corner and enable the Fingerprint Login. Enroll your finger/s, lock your machine and test if it works. My notebook’s security and user experience have truly been elevated to the next level.

P.S.: there are other fingerprint drivers on, check which one is compatible with yours.

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